tags - just another wide eyed girl


ok so i only started properly tagging recently, but now all posts are tagged with the person’s/character’s name and fandom. but as i only started tagging recently, fandoms which i used to blog a lot about (e.g. gossip girl, vampire diaries) will probably have a lot less than things like supernatural or taylor swift, even though i did used to post loads about them.

and then along with the main tags i also have things like:

mine - anything that i have made and posted myself

[gifs - manips - colourisations - birthday graphics - 1000+ notes]

personal - any random posts about my daily life

asylum 10 - posts from asylum 10, my very first supernatural convention!

because i like reviewing eps - tv episode reviews/ramblings

because i like reviewing films - film reviews/ramblings

liveblogging or spoilers - any posts/spoilers that i post while i’m watching shows live

favourite - favourite posts that i’ve reblogged which never fail to make me smile (and yes i spell it with a u because i’m british)

and a whole lot of other common tags i use a lot like ‘gpoy’, ‘crying’, ‘best’, ‘forever reblog’, ‘my bbs’, ‘my bb’, ‘otp’, ‘the cutest’, ‘angel' and then ofc spn tags like 'brother feels’, ‘wincest feels' and 'everything is j2 and nothing hurts' ;)