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70/endless pictures of sam

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(romantic) winchester tropes (valentine’s day edition)

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I loved [Maggie] from the start. I loved the place of change she was in. Whatever adventure was brought her way, she embraced it. She was looking fro ways to make her world make sense. She had such big questions about her own identity. I connected with her. Her curiosity. Her romantic nature. Her impulsiveness. Her vulnerability. Her sensitivity. She is very strong, but she is also very vulnerable. She is just so much fun. So much shit happens to her. She is the ideal character for me to play _ The Stndrd Magazine - March 2014 (x)

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If Sam and Dean ever have a kid and they try to sneak back into the house after a party or something, this would probably be the result.

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Jared’s very first CD (x)

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Who do you think directed this episode

oh good lord

"That was good, Jensen. But this time, more sensuality, and make sure we can see your tongue."

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