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Dean Winchester meme: favorite traits [1/5]
↳ Being proud of the little things 

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sam winchester meme;

✿ favorite quotes about sam (2/4)

9.17 Mother’s Little Helper

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Wincest AU: For lookingoutformybrother. When Sam is reluctant to hook up with Sarah, Dean assumes it’s because Sam’s still in love with Jessica. He’s half right; Sam’s heart belongs to someone else. Sam just doesn’t know how to tell Dean that someone else is him.


deanmeme - Favourite Outfits (1/6)

➥ Season Seven, Time for a Wedding // 7x08

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Dean Winchester Meme: Reoccurring Themes (7/?)


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Wincest AU:

Dean has spent far too much time on a couple of websites and has been hoarding what he’s found, but now that Sam has had to call him out over his obsession, he comes clean.

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spn + human error

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How dare you

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