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(romantic) winchester tropes (valentine’s day edition)

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If Sam and Dean ever have a kid and they try to sneak back into the house after a party or something, this would probably be the result.

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Who do you think directed this episode

oh good lord

"That was good, Jensen. But this time, more sensuality, and make sure we can see your tongue."

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Graphics in 2013 - Angel!Dean

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url challenge: heckacutewinchesters

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if dean ever breaks down after all of this dark mark of cain stuff and sam tries to get through to him and get his arms around him or touch him i want dean to shove at him and fight him. push at his chest and glare because he doesn’t need help and he’s handled it all himself this long and he sure as hell doesn’t need pity or comfort from his little brother but sam doesn’t stop coming at him because dean didn’t let him become a monster when he almost did and sam’s sure as hell not going to fail doing the same thing and dean fights him until he can’t anymore and slumps against sam’s chest as sam just wraps his arms around him and repeats over and over and over again that it’s okay dean it’s gonna be okay

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