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jensen with gen’s dog(s) in the s9 gag reel & mockumentary

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What’s your favourite moment from the past 10 years?

Most beautiful place you’ve seen here in Italy? [x]

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happy 2nd birthday thomas colton padalecki! <3 xx


Gen Looking Absolutely In Love with Her Boys

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Genevieve carried herself gracefully when hoards of fans took to their social media accounts to rant about her portrayal of the demon, Ruby when Katie Cassidy no longer took on the role.
Genevieve took the comments in stride and never let them change her perspective of the fans as a whole, which takes sheer class and confidence, especially in the fans as a group. She could have easily taken those select few who choose to be mean and jealous and looped all of the fans together but she didn’t, which as a fan who enjoyed her portrayal is grateful for.

—   "Hottie of the Week: Genevieve Padalecki" (x)

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so i was watching Enchanted
and i just

yes here is Nancy and Prince Edward

or is it

come on guys even their eye colour is the same
even the hair
this is not pure coincidence

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happy 33rd birthday genevieve padalecki! <3 xx