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Teen Wolf Cast at the MTV Movie Awards 2014


"Hazel Grace, they don’t actually hurt you unless you light them."

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the pain never bothered me anyway

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All at once, everything is different. Now that I see you.

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You have to laugh at your life. I think without an element of comedy there would just be a lot to take on. And I think I’d so much rather laugh at things than be stressed out. I do have bad days and low-esteem issues just like everybody else. But I do think the more things you can laugh at and the more things you can find hilarious about this kind of life, the easier it is to stay sane.”

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AU: Body Swap

Stiles and Allison magically switch bodies (idk don’t ask me how or why) and have to deal with what that brings along (obviously). To switch back they have to go into that state between life and death and find themselves again (or sth like that, I’m really not creative and very dumb). In the end they grew a lot closer thanks to the whole situation and start hanging out more often (or maybe dating, whatever you want idk idc).

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Lucy Hale || American Rag Campaign,Behind the scenes

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(romantic) winchester tropes (valentine’s day edition)

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I loved [Maggie] from the start. I loved the place of change she was in. Whatever adventure was brought her way, she embraced it. She was looking fro ways to make her world make sense. She had such big questions about her own identity. I connected with her. Her curiosity. Her romantic nature. Her impulsiveness. Her vulnerability. Her sensitivity. She is very strong, but she is also very vulnerable. She is just so much fun. So much shit happens to her. She is the ideal character for me to play _ The Stndrd Magazine - March 2014 (x)

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