otps: - just another wide eyed girl


[italics are my otps of otps for each show]


supernatural: well regarding straight couples i like properly ship: sum/ruby2.0, sam/sarah, sam/madison, dean/bela

but otherwise: I LIVE FOR WINCEST. like don’t even look at me, i can’t deal with their codependency. and i can appreciate a bit of destiel from time to time.

and in real life: jensen/danneel and jared/gen are PERFECT. don’t even look at my blog if you hate their wives or say that they’re ‘beards’. (but that doesn’t mean i don’t love j2, like all i read are j2 au fics. but no i know they’re straight and are just bffs, their friendship kills me in so many ways.)

the vampire diaries: stelena, steferine, forwood, klaroline, mattoline, matt/rebekah, jeremy/anna

glee: klaine, st.berry, fabrevans, mike/tina, brochel, finchel

gossip girl: chair, darena, serenate

teen wolf: martinski, sterek, scallison, dethan, scisaac

the o.c: ryissa, sethummer

hart of dixie: zade, zeorge, lemonade, annabeth/lavon, lemon/peter

arrow: olicity, thea/roy, oliver/laurel,

nashville: will/brent, scarlett/gunnar, rayna/deacon

agents of shield: skye/grant

pretty little liars: ezria, hanna/lucas, spencer/toby

90210: liam/annie, naomi/max

one tree hill: brooke/chase, brucas, naley

crackships: dean/brooke [supernatural, one tree hill], (soulless!)sam/katherine, dean/caroline, dean/katherine [supernatural, the vampire diaries]


harry potter: ron/hermione

twilight: edward/bella

the hunger games: katniss/peeta