otps: - just another wide eyed girl


[italics are my otps of otps for each show]


supernatural: well regarding straight couples i like properly ship: sum/ruby2.0, sam/sarah, sam/madison, dean/bela

but otherwise: i live for wincest and their codependency. people who like hate sam and just want destiel actually kill me. the show is about two brothers who love eachother unconditionally, like seriously, wincest is everything. but saying this, i can appreciate a bit of destiel from time to time.

and in real life: jensen/danneel and jared/gen are PERFECT. don’t even look at my blog if you hate their wives or say that they’re ‘beards’. (but that doesn’t mean i don’t love j2, like all i read are j2 au fics. i’ve read so many and some over and over again it’s acually so sad. but no i know they’re straight and are just bffs, their friendship kills me in so many ways.)

the vampire diaries: stelena, steferine, forwood, klaroline, mattoline, matt/rebekah, jeremy/anna

glee: klaine, st.berry, fabrevans, mike/tina, brochel, finchel

gossip girl: chair, darena, serenate

teen wolf: stydia, marrish, sterek, scallison, dethan, scisaac

the o.c: ryissa, sethummer

hart of dixie: zade, lemon/lavon, annabeth/lavon, lemon/peter

arrow: olicity, thea/roy, oliver/laurel

nashville: will/brent, scarlett/gunnar, rayna/deacon

orphan black: sarah/paul

pretty little liars: ezria

90210: liam/annie, naomi/max

one tree hill: brooke/chase, brucas, naley

crackships: dean/brooke [supernatural, one tree hill], (soulless!)sam/katherine, dean/caroline, dean/katherine [supernatural, the vampire diaries]


harry potter: ron/hermione

twilight: edward/bella

the hunger games: katniss/peeta