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about me:

odelia. nineteen. london/lancaster/richmond, virginia.

as daniel sharman put it, i pretty much have a real obsession with america, and am a really really big fan of everything american.

which you can probably tell from my blog tbh.

american tv (supernatural is the love of my life, and i pretty much watch everything on the cw), american music (taylor swift is my idol and inspiration and i love her so much) and american accents, guys, fashion, food..etc, i love it.

american tv is probably the biggest thing in my life though, which i post about 90% of the time. everyone who knows me knows i watch way too much tv and spend my whole life fangirling about it.

and FINALLY, i can live my american dream. i was born and bred in london, but am currently doing a three year marketing study abroad course at lancaster university. so from august 2013 - may 2014 i’ll be in america, and it’ll be amazing. can finally watch tv on tv and not online at 2am, and as much fun that is, that is gonna be so much better for me. it’s a hard life being a non-american fangirl, even if you do live in london.

but yeah, i pretty much spend my life on here and over on twitter, so just ask/tweet me anything, i’d love to talk to you guys! (but beware i tweet loads, most of which is about spn, so only follow me if you watch it, otherwise i probably get really annoying.) apart from that, hope you like my blog, would be lovely if you wanted to follow or talk to me, don’t be afraid to give me a shout!

much love, odelia xxxx